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Connecting Dynamic Employees and Smart Home Integrators

A growing industry with a place for your skills

Technicians, designers, salespeople and project managers are the life blood of a smart home company. Find out more about what to expect in the industry. Every day is different and offers new, exciting challenges.

Designed to bring out the best in you

For custom integration companies, finding motivated and qualified employees to keep up with the demands of the industry is a significant challenge.

Last year, the demand for smart home integration rose by 11.5%. That number will continue to rise as the industry continues to grow in revenue, product offering, and size.

Companies in the integrated technology market across the country are on the hunt to find new talent and transform them into qualified team members. As this demand continues to grow, more companies join the market, more technology is developed, and more job opportunities emerge.

The most desirable jobs for smart home integrator companies

From security to networking, home theaters to lighting, smart home integrators cover the entire spectrum of home automation. Click below to discover how roles such as installation, system design & project management impact a company.


Have you ever considered a career focused on innovation and technology? One that builds state-of-the-art experiences, transforming homes to the next level? The smart home installer combines system operations skills with their ability to power up home convenience and safety features.

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System Design

A system designer turns vision into reality. They take on a challenge and generate the solution to improve the homes. With computer skills and software fluency, becoming a system designer is not just a job, it is a transformational career choice!

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Project Management

Power up your coordination, coaching and people skills! As a project manager, your role is exciting and diverse. The role includes organization and communication plus overseeing every detail of smart home projects.

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Discover your talents in a booming industry

We’re looking for creative, driven, and talented people interested in building a rewarding career in the smart home industry. The opportunities are diverse, matching your talents to the right role to ensure your professional success.

Join a smart team and help deliver home tech features customers will learn they can’t live without.

Whether you’re a system designer who creates the art behind the scenes or the people-person who enjoys problem solving and consulting, there’s an array of roles available. Build your career and deliver tangible, innovative solutions to customers.

SmartHomeHire: Pairing People with Premier Technology Companies

The demand for smart home technology has never been higher. Custom integrators everywhere are looking for motivated, intuitive individuals to join their business and become the next industry leaders.

SmartHomeHire is the premier placement site for ambitious individuals looking for a role in the dynamic smart home industry.

Powered by Azione Unlimited, our prominent smart home companies span across the U.S. and Canada, at roughly 250 businesses strong with a member workforce exceeding 6,500 and counting.