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Connecting Employees & Integrators

Our mission is simple: Connect the best and brightest employees to smart home integrators

We build careers for innovative visionaries who are passionate about the rapidly-growing residential technology industry. It’s a career path that offers diverse opportunities, leveraging the talents of humans with the power of technology to streamline solutions.

Here’s the best part. You have the opportunity to forge the way. Discover how the careers in the smart home industry have lit up and how you can become a part of it.

Find a job in a growing industry

We’re looking for passionate and talented people interested in building a rewarding career in the integrated smart home industry. The opportunities are widespread and abundant, matching your talents to the right role to ensure your professional success.

Join a smart home team and help deliver technological experiences customers will learn they can’t live without.

Whether you’re a system designer who creates the art behind the scenes or the people-person who enjoys problem solving and consulting, there’s an array of roles available. Build your career and deliver tangible, innovative solutions to customers.

System Design

A system designer turns vision into reality. They take on a challenge and generate the solution to improve the homes. With computer skills and software fluency, becoming a system designer is not just a job, it is a transformational career choice!

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Have you ever considered a career focused on innovation and technology? One that builds state-of-the-art experiences, transforming homes to the next level? The smart home installer combines system operations skills with their ability to power up home convenience and safety features.

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Project Management

Power up your coordination, coaching and people skills! As a project manager, your role is exciting and diverse. The role includes organization and communication plus overseeing every detail of smart home projects.

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