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Smart Home Project Manager: combine coordination and people skills

Power up your coordination, coaching and people skills! As a project manager, your role is exciting and diverse. You get to leverage your natural talents—like organizing and communicating—while overseeing every detail of smart home projects.

And no smart home project is alike. You’ll meet new clients, form strong relationships with your technical team and experience leading-edge innovations from home theaters to whole home audio and automation.


Every day brings a fun new challenge! You’ll build strong relationships with vastly different clients, who each have a unique vision for transforming their house into a smart home.

You’ll keep the ball rolling with a team of high-end residential contractors and builders, installers and technical experts. And you’ll tackle problems that pop up throughout the project head-on, answering client questions and helping your team stay on-track.

You’ll also balance your time between hammering out tasks in the office and visiting client job sites, ensuring deadlines are met as the project goal becomes reality.

Watch how the smart home tech hero combines system operations skills with relationship building, impressing customers with their ability to power up the home with convenience and safety features.

What to expect as an audio visual project manager

What responsibilities do smart home project managers have?

As an audio visual project manager, you’ll be responsible for every aspect in a smart home project—from signed contract and coordinating the technical team all the way to the final install. For example, if you’re overseeing a new home theater installation, you’ll explain the process to the client, be available to answer questions (from the client and team), and delegate individual tasks to each team member.

What exactly does a smart home project manager do?

They keep all the details of a smart home project straight. They make sure the client and team are on the same page, answer the client’s questions, give the team the information they need to keep the project moving and keep the project within its timeline and budget.

What kind of smart home projects will you oversee?

A variety of exciting smart home projects will come your way. This includes (but isn’t limited to!) distributed video and audio systems, private theaters, media rooms, lighting, shading and environmental controls. Plus, data, phone and video services infrastructures.

What kind of project manager jobs are available?

Depending on your experience, the job opportunities available are:

  • project manager
  • teams manager
  • Senior project manager

What skills are required as a project manager

You’ll need organizational and coordination skills as you manage the entire installation phase of high-end residential and/or light commercial technology systems. Good news is—if you’re interested in smart home project management, you’re probably naturally good at those things!

What experience is required?

Smart home technology integrators typically prefer project managers with prior audio video experience as a technician, system designer, or manager. However, there are countless opportunities within the industry for new project managers. In fact, many dealers are happy to provide on-the-job training and development for the right candidate.


Depending on your experience, pay can range from $75,000 to-$125,000.

What benefits make being a smart home project manager worthwhile?

While technical benefits like paid vacation and retirement packages are different for each employer, there are several exciting benefits every project manager can experience. Benefits like:

  • Experiencing the latest technology. The industry is always evolving, so it’s perfect for you if you love learning new tech. Some project managers even like to take tech home to get super familiar with it.
  • No more tedious days. Instead, you get to solve problems on the fly, working fast and creatively.
  • Having meaningful human interactions. If you’re not one for desk jobs and would rather be working with people, you’ll love getting to know your clients and building strong relationships with your team in the field.
  • Being involved in a fast-growing industry. There’s no fear of being stuck with a mundane job in a stale environment. The smart home industry has been on an uptick for the past five years—and it’s going to keep getting bigger.

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