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Power Up Your Career as Smart Home Technicians & Installers

A Day in the Life of a Smart Home Technician

Have you ever considered a career focused on innovation and technology? One that builds state-of-the-art experiences, transforming homes to the next level of modern?

Watch how the smart home tech hero combines system operations skills with relationship building, impressing customers with their ability to power up the home with convenience and safety features.

What do Smart Home Technicians do?

A smart home technician takes homes to a whole new level of modern. For every customer’s project, they use their skills, expertise and tool belt of innovative smart systems to streamline the residents’ life.

Every day, smart home technicians are hands-on problem solvers that make connections to both clients and their smart home needs. From wire to wire, device to home, and person to person, smart home installers revolutionize.

When the job is done, you impress with the final flick of the switch, bringing homes alive with the integrated smart technology you developed and implemented. It may look easy, but it takes your engineer brain and artist hands to bring it all together.

What Technician Jobs are Available in the Smart Home Industry?

  • Field service installation techNICIAN
  • Window Shades Technician
  • Senior smart home technician
  • Programmer and Service Technician
  • security technician
  • Audio Video Low Voltage Technician

Think You Have What it Takes to be a Smart Home Sales Technician and Installer?

As a smart home tech, the greatest skill you’ll need is the desire to learn. Even without experience, you have opportunities in the industry. Many smart home technician careers offer on-the-job training and development.

In addition, these skills or the interest in learning more about these areas of expertise are recommended:

  • Ability to deliver positive and memorable customer interactions
  • Experience with technology platforms, hardware and software
  • Understands security and audio-visual system operations in installations
  • Connects the dots in network administration
  • Possesses the ability to problem-solve and think on your feet
  • Current knowledge of coding and programming
  • Enjoys a job in the “field” and not “behind a desk”

What are the benefits of becoming a Smart Home Technician?

Depending on your experience, knowledge and the role you choose as a smart home technician, you have great earning potential! Annual salaries range from $40,000 to $80,000+.

In addition to competitive compensation, this is a progressive and rewarding career path. As a smart home tech, you will continue to learn and grow as you impress customers with products that change their everyday lives.

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